Nigel Clarke

British TV Presenter

CBeebies Presenter Nigel – My Favourite Moments

CBeebies Presenter Nigel Being a Cbeebies presenter is an incredibly interesting job that is lots of fun. One of the reasons I love my job so much is that every day is different. One day I could be singing about different animals the next I might be explaining the...

Dadvengers – Tips on Being a Good Dad

Is there a Good Dad formula? The short answer to the question is no there isn't a golden set of rules to being a good dad. Every man is different, every child is different, every family is different so how could there be a formula that works for everyone. That said I...

Baby Club Book – Play and Learn with your Baby

Baby Club Book - How it can help you On Thursday the 6th of February the Baby Club Book - Play and Learn with your Baby was published by DK publishing. Based on our very successful CBeebies show, the book is full of activities that you can enjoy with your baby. In...

Dadvengers Assemble – Dad of the Week

Dadvengers Assemble - Dad of the week As many of you already know I am a huge supporter of hands on parenting, with a focus to encourage more dads to get involved. Please check out more Dadvengers posts to find out more. Dadvengers Assemble - Dad of the Week is a...

Children With Cancer UK Christmas Party 2019

Children with Cancer UK Christmas Party 2019 Last week I attended the first Children with Cancer UK Christmas party at the Hard Rock Hotel in London. The aim of the party was to give families affected by childhood cancer a chance to come together and forget about...

Nigel’s Christmas Twitter Party 2019

What to expect at Nigel's Christmas Twitter Party 2019? I've done a few of these now, so some of you know exactly what to expect. We always have a lot of fun on a Friday night with the opportunity to win some prizes. There will still be some Twitter party newbies out...

CBeebies Prom 2019 – Off To The Moon

Nigel, would you like to co-host the CBeebies Prom 2019? Errrrmmm...Yes!!! When I received the email asking if I would like to be part of the presenting line up for the CBeebies Prom 2019 I must admit I was pretty shocked. I mean, it's the Royal Albert Hall and one of...

Dadvengers – Dad La Soul Dads Group

  What is Dad La Soul? Earlier this summer, while doing some research into my Dadvengers Initiative, I stumbled across an article. It was about a dad who started a parenting group to stop dads being lonely. Dad La Soul is nearly 2 years old now and is specifically...

Dadvengers – Why go to baby groups?

Why go to Baby Groups?In this post I would like to address the question 'Why go to baby groups?'. It's already something that parents ask whether they are male or female, and whether they attend groups or not. Each demographic has their reasons for not wanting to go...

Dadvengers – Dads and Baby Groups

Dads and Baby Groups Often when talking about hands-on dads the conversation naturally finds its way to dads and baby groups. It's a big topic and after speaking to a few people, there are some things we need to put out there. Hopefully this will help increase numbers...

British TV Presenter

Nigel Clarke is a British TV Presenter known for his work on CBBC, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, his energetic and friendly style appeals to all ages. In addition he is also a senior cast member in the hugely successful stage show STOMPand was part of the original London cast.

Born and raised in London to West Indian Parents, Nigel is a rare find. Talented in a number of areas including Presenting, Dance, Music, and Sport, Nigel has crammed a great deal into his 17years as a British TV Presenter. After leaving Nickelodeon in 2004 where he was one of their most popular presenters for 2 years, he was seen co-presenting both series of the RTS award winning show No Girls Allowed. Broadcast live every Saturday morning on Five, the show featured fast cars, bikes, sports and boys toys!

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A wide variety of programs

Since then Nigel has presented many programmes including Dance FactoryClutter NuttersSportsround and Totally Rubbish for BBC. Toonattik for GMTV, Unlimited for facebook, Skillicious for ITV, My Camp Rock for Disney, and Rat Race Urban Adventure for Channel 4. He even hosted the red carpet and backstage interviews at the Childrens BAFTAS 2011. The Nigel Clarke Showreel can be seen here and contains lots of clips from the aforementioned shows. Most recently he has made a series of behind the scenes programmes for the latest Disney releases. Make sure you check them out on the Nigel Clarke Videos Page.

Nigel has a wealth of experience and has shown himself to be a natural presenter. He is comfortable interviewing stars, vox popping with members of the public, presenting live in the studio and on location, and interacting with his co-presenters.

As well as being a British Tv Presenter, Nigel also performs in the hugely successful percussion show STOMP. Both in the West End and on Tour. This has enabled him to perform at events such as the Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012, Live at the Palladium, The Royal Variety Performance, The World Music Awards and many more.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with his most recent activities by checking out the Nigel Clarke Blog, And if you need to get in touch with him please go to the Contact Nigel page.

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