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Finally its arrived the Nigel Clarke Blog!

As you can imagine, being a TV presenter and performer I get to work on a wide variety of things. Its part of why I like the job, no 2 days are ever the same. Here on the Nigel Clarke blog I will try and and keep you up to date with the most interesting stuff, and over on the Nigel Clarke Reviews page I will post any Film or music reviews I write. I will also try and add some of the best photos to the Nigel Clarke Photo page. And I will try to add videos to the Nigel Clarke Videos page. I say try because sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Please feel free to comment on, or share, any of the posts here as I would love to hear your thoughts. See you soon Nx

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Mary Poppins Returns Film Review

Mary Poppins Returns Film ReviewWho would have thought I would be doing a Mary Poppins Returns film review in 2018? It's been 54 years since the release of the original film. And as you would expect with a sequel to one of the most well loved family films of all time,...

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Ben 10 Challenge on CITV

Watch Ben 10 Challenge on CITV As some of you already know last year I made a brand new game show called 'Ben 10 Challenge' for Cartoon Network. Firstly if you want to know more about the show make sure you check out my previous post. Secondly I have great news, the...

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Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018

Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018 In the October half term I hosted the Entertainer Kidtropolis Unboxings 2018. For 3 days I took to the stage with some of the UK's most well known YouTubers including Jamie Jo, Dom Vlogs, Birdkeeper Toby, Ruby and Bonnie and...

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Num Noms Series 5 Competition

Num Noms Series 5 Launch Party On Thursday 31st of May 2018 I hosted a special 'Invitation Only' Num Noms series 5 launch party. The brand new range which is all based around different food groups, was released last month. To celebrate we had a exclusive event at the...

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Num Noms Series 5 Launch Event

Num Noms Series 5 Launch Event On Thursday 31st of May 2018 I will be hosting a special 'Invitation Only' Num Noms series 5 launch event. The brand new range which is all based around the dough food group, was released earlier this year. To celebrate we are having a...

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Golden Owl Awards 2018 – Review and Winners

What are the Golden Owl Awards 2018? The Golden Owl Awards 2018 is an exciting filmmaking competition that is part of the Leeds Young Film Festival. The awards celebrate the talents of young filmmakers aged 19 and under. In addition the Oscars style red carpet, black...

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Move It 2018 – What a weekend

Move It 2018  Last weekend I hosted the Move it Showcase Theatre stage! For readers of the Nigel Clarke blog who don't know, it’s the place to see the hot up and coming dancers and performers that are training professionally in the UK. All the leading dance colleges...

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MOVE IT 2018 Competition

What is MOVE IT 2018? MOVE IT is back and it’s bigger than ever before! Over three days this March from 16th – 18th, the UK’s biggest and best dance event will be at the London ExCeL. Celebrating all forms of dance and the performing arts. Expect stunning stage...

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What is Nintendo LABO?

What is Nintendo LABO? Those of you who have seen the Nintendo LABO ad already have a little bit of a clue to what this new product is all about. But here on the Nigel Clarke blog I'll prove even that is just the tip of the iceberg. The full capabilities...

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