The Baby Club


The Baby Club – A positive parenting programme

In summer 2018 the BBC commissioned a brand new show The Baby Club. Due to be shown on CBeebies, the show is aimed at parents, carers and their children. First and foremost it’s focused on helping families interact with their babies and toddlers. Plus it’s the first of its kind for the channel. Previously all programmes have been focused solely on entertaining the children, whereas this one brings the parents in. Made by Three Arrows Media, the series was aided during all stages of production by two organisations – The Foundation Years trust and the charity Peeple. Therefore ensuring the episodes reflect the best practice for engaging very young children. 

How does the show work?

In an effort to keep the show realistic it’s set out just like a baby club you would find in your local area. Nigel and Giovanna take it in turns to lead a 15 min session with a group of parents, and it’s filmed in such a way that the viewer at home also becomes a contributing member. Consequently there is the opportunity to add names to songs and partake in activities alongside participants on screen. Most importantly each episode has a hello song, a discover and play section, a nursery rhyme section, story-time and a goodbye song. 

When and where is the show screened?

At the time of writing this The Baby Club was screened weekdays at 10:20 and 14:20 on Cbeebies.

Quote from Nigel

‘The Baby Club was an absolute gem to make and be a part of. It’s not often you find a programme that just warms your heart but this is definitely one. It speaks to all ages whether you are a parent, a child or a baby and I’m proud to be part of it.’

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