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Being a TV presenter is great because sometime you get access to events and places that are not available to everybody. I love films and when I can I like to check out preview screenings and premieres. Here on the Nigel Clarke Reviews page I will try and write reviews to the films I get to watch. If you are not interested in movies maybe you are looking for one of my other pages. I add videos to the Nigel Clarke Videos page. And I also add some of my best photos to the Nigel Clarke Photo page. Please feel free to comment on, or share, any of the reviews here as I would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy Nx

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Black Panther Film Review

Black Panther Film Review - His Father's Legacy Marvel are well in to phase 3 of their cinematic onslaught and nothing seems to be able to stop them. Infinity War is the big title for this year but their latest feature is breaking records and hasn't been released yet....

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Thor Ragnarok Film Review

Thor Ragnarok Film Review - Thunder Will Reign Marvel's 17th film release hit the box office last week and as expected went straight to number one. The film studio has built up such a reputation that it was hardly a surprise. Its nearly 10 years since...

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Disney’s Moana Film Review

Disney's Moana Film Review- A girl who loves her island Disney's Moana is the 56th feature from the guys at Walt Disney Animation studios. It's a story inspired by the folk tales, myths and fables of the islands and people of Oceania. An area filmmakers visited on...

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Doctor Strange Film Review

It's Marvel time again! Doctor Strange Film Review I'm writing this Doctor Strange film review because yesterday I attended the UK Premiere at the Odeon in Leicester Sq. As with any Marvel film premiere its was a well attended screening with critics, bloggers, and...

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Jungle Book (2016) Film Review

Mowgli is Back!! The Jungle Book (2016) has arrived, which means its time for my Jungle Book 2016 Film Review!! It was way back in 1967 that Disney released their original animated classic. 49 years is definitely enough time to wait before exploring this...

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