Dadvengers Assemble – Celebrating hands on Dads

As many of you already know I am a huge supporter of hands on parenting, with a focus to encourage more dads to get involved. Please check out more Dadvengers posts to find out more. Dadvengers Assemble is a place where I will be celebrating hands on dads that are out there representing. Hopefully this will encourage more fathers to follow suit and encourage those who already do, to shout about it.

Dadvengers Assemble Hall of Fame

26th January 2020

Daddy Mark – Nominated by Claire
Reason: Claire and Mark are in the middle of yet another sleep regression and potty training period. Mark’s had a mad few weeks at work, but he’s managed to keep their daughter entertained in the face of sleepless nights and several tantrums, meaning Claire can go to work in the evening without stressing about what’s happening at home. He’s a star and Claire and their daughter love him.

9th February 2020

Daddy Dave – Nominated by Claire
Reason: Dave is always heavily involved in parenting but recently Claire received the terrible news that her mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dave has stepped up and been responsible for nursery drop offs, pick ups, making packed lunches, cooking dinner, bedtime routines and dealing with midnight potty calls.

23rd February 2020

How does it work?

Every week I will try to add a photo here and on Instagram of a Dad who has exhibited hands on parenting during the week. For this to work I’ll need you to submit your nominations to me each week. You can do this in two ways…

  1. Firstly and my preferred way is to upload a photo to Instagram. Make sure you you tag me in the post @nigelclarketv and hashtag the post #dadvengers. What would also help is if you write a little bit on the post about why that dad is being nominated that week.
  2. An alternative to this is to send your photo directly to . Again I would appreciate it if you could write a little about why the nomination is being made.

Dadvengers Assemble Rules

  1. Only submit one entry per dad per week.
  2. Dads can self nominate. Would love to see lots of this. If you’ve had a tough daddy week let us know.
  3. By submitting you give us permission to publish the photo on Nigel’s social channels.

These rules may change as Dadvengers Assemble grows so please keep an eye here for the latest stipulations.


Here are a few examples of the kind of thing I’m looking for. Don’t be restricted by these they are just to show previous things I’ve been sent and start the submissions coming in. As you can see there are some great dads out there doing their thing, let’s encourage more to do the same. It will only help our children develop into happy healthy people who have communicative relationships with their fathers.